Radio Shadow Demo

by the Radio Shadow

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released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved


the Radio Shadow Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Radio Shadow
Flood the house, swim through the hallways
speak without saying anything.
Tear the windows off of their hinges
I think we need some light and space.
Take out the trash to clear your mind
while I think of something not yet said.

We live in a radio shadow
fortune falls to the floor
we may have spoken yesterday
but don't remember the words

In the darkness of the chaste night
you give me reason and I give you fight
Looks like we haven't swept in weeks
your eyes are concave. Don't ever look at me

live in a radio shadow
fortune falls to the floor
we may have spoken yesterday
don't know me anymore

can't say what I
want to say
so tell me
what you want to hear

live in a radio shadow
fortune falls to the floor
we may have spoken yesterday
but you don't know me anymore
Track Name: Popelka
Left her shoes on the street corner
in her hurry to take flight.
Party dress a little tattered,
shimmers in the moonlight.

She left her pride in a puddle
on the bathroom floor.
Every light touched with a halo,
every face sparkled with scorn.

We come in masks, we come in waving
Pieces of the lush night.
We come washed up, we come in salty
in the pearly early moonlight.

Left her head at home that evening.
Left her manners too.
Didn't trouble to return for,
didn't think she'd meet the fool.

Kept her fears under cover;
clutched hands of little girls.
Too bad they had to chase her.
Too bad they were dressed to kill.

We come in masks, we come in waving.
Pieces of the lush night.
We come in sharp, we come out bloody
in the pearly early moonlight.
Track Name: Empty Jacket
If you find my empty jacket
washed up on the shore
I might have gone for a swim
I'm not coming home

I'm fighting with shadows
the bob and the weave
is making me nauseous
come find me

Take my arms, my teeth, my toes.
Take my hand now, I'm ready to go.
Take my nails, my stuttering paws.
Take me home, I'm not scared to go.

If we sew each other's lips shut
It would be the loudest sound
We could make without saying a word
Hear me now

If we sever the ties
with a sickening snap
You can swim out way way too far
and never look back
Track Name: Wingspan
Wind ruffles feathers to reveal the mechanism
Track Name: Seagulls
Seagulls, pretending to be rain
stamp their feet; tantrum.
Are you asleep or half awake?
I thought I heard more than breathing.

Sky is falling don't look up
Gravity, don't push your luck
Where you're going I can't really touch

And the apples shake shake
and the sky ties you down
and the storm moves through you
undo you

Paper blows up the street
the city is on strike this summer
I cannot eat, nor can I sleep
too heavy with anticipation

Sky is falling
and the apples shake...